dryer Repair

1. Replace white vinyl dryer vent tubing with aluminum tubing

Flexible white vinyl tubing is highly restrictive and does not meet U.S. federal fire safety standards.

2. Remove lint from the lint filter (a.k.a. lint trap or lint screen) after every cycle

Yes, every cycle. It’s that important. Also, once per season, use a long-handle brush or vacuum to remove lint from the filter’s chute, too.

3. Clear the dryer venting tube

Your dryer’s entire venting system should be cleaned out from the inside of the dryer to the outside vent cap at least once per year. Professionals can be hired for this job.

4. Check the area around the dryer’s vent cap outside

Remove restrictions such as snow or leaves and clear shrubbery to enable proper air flow.

5. Clean the dryer’s interior

Even if you’re good about removing lint from the filter after every load, it’s common for lint to build up within the dryer, too. Once per year, disassemble the dryer and use a vacuum to clean out the lint.